Our Ciders

Blending Washington apples with innovative, natural ingredients, we produce premium, handcrafted ciders with a Pacific Northwest spirit.

Year-Round Favorites

Habanero Lime

This feisty cider has a delicious crisp-apple flavor and a spicy kick from flaming orange habanero peppers. A hint of zesty lime balances the heat and rounds out this exotic drink. Try it in place of margaritas for your next taco night.

Rosemary Cran Ginger

Pleasantly tart and beautifully cranberry-colored, this off-dry cider tickles your nose with the peppery, woody fragrance of fresh rosemary and captivates your palate with sharp notes of ginger.

Seasonal Varieties

Cucumber Blackberry (spring/summer)

Cool, refreshing and fruity, this semi-dry cider blends some of our very own backyard-grown cucumbers with sweet blackberries. It's a great way to beat the summer heat.

Rhubarb Raspberry (spring/summer)

What you’ll notice first about this cider, besides its lovely pink hue, is its distinct raspberry bouquet. Tangy, juicy rhubarb balances perfectly with the ripe, jammy deliciousness of the raspberries. This is sweet-tart sunshine in a glass.

Blueberry Lemon (summer/fall)

Featuring plump, fresh-from-the-farm blueberries and a squeeze of juicy lemon, this is the perfect, easy-drinking cider for summer days or cool fall evenings.

Cran Clove Cyser (fall/winter)

The warm and spicy flavor of whole cloves mingles with orange zest in our perfect-for-the-holidays, completely co-fermented cranberry-apple cyser. Pacific NW honey lends a sweetness that is bound to make your season festive.

Spiced Blackberry (fall/winter)

Warm baking spices like cinnamon, clove, cardamom and allspice swirl together with our blackberry-apple cider in this delightful beverage. A glass of this is like a spiced ray of sun to warm you when the days turn cold.

Dry Quince (fall/winter)

If you haven’t tried a quince, it’s a firm, fuzzy pome fruit with a tannic bite and a divine smell. We co-ferment freshly pressed quince juice to create a truly dry cider that, in our cidermaker’s opinion, has an “unrivaled” sweet, floral aroma without a hint of residual sugar. Easy drinking and unique.

Limited Edition

Pineapple Matcha

The tropical sweetness of island-grown pineapple with the rich, grassy flavor of matcha will satisfy dry- and sweet-cider drinkers alike. Try something new! We think you'll like it.

Surf Session

Our first sessionable cider will bring on the beach vibes, with its squeeze of fresh lime and sprinkle of San Juan Island sea salt. Enjoy this light, dry cider straight from the can or as a mixer in your favorite margarita recipe. Surf's up!

Raspberry White Pepper

This new variety features a co-fermentation of raspberry and apple that's finished with an infusion of freshly cracked white pepper, which gives the jammy cider just the right amount of peppery bite.


Both elderberries and elderflower blossoms star in this slightly tart, richly flavorful and fragrant cider. This brand new variety is already one of our favorites!

Honey Badger Cyser

People flock to this semi-sweet cider like bees to a flower. The apple flavor shines, and it has the sweet smell of clover and beeswax. Adding a touch of honey gives this cider a full body; it’s a beautiful collaboration with our tiny bee friends.

Cedar Ginger

Few aromas capture the essence of the NW like the woodsy, warm scent of cedar. We combine these evergreen notes with the pop of exotic, spicy ginger to give this off-dry cider a unique and utterly drinkable flavor. Cheers to the Thuja plicata, the western red-cedar!

Lavender Bergamot

This cider is a tart delight, merging together the citrusy essence of bergamot orange, the floral lightness and aroma of lavender and the zing of lemon. This is our most tannic cider, and it's a favorite of our Cider Maker.

Whiskey Oaked Cherry

We steep this cider in oak infused with American single malt whiskey then artfully blend it with luscious cherries for a balanced sweetness and blushed color. It has creamy, buttery notes from the oak, with just a hint of vanilla.

Blackberry Farmhouse Saison

Blackberries and apples co-ferment with saison yeast, in this refreshing, semi-sweet cider with notes of peppercorn and jam.

Triple Hopped

Three varieties of citrusy hops–Citra, Centennial and Cascade–steep together in our off-dry apple cider. Never bitter, this cider has a refreshing palate that ranges from apple to grapefruit and from pine trees to green grass.

All of our ciders are gluten free. Please keep cold.